WebSmartz Professional 2.1

Website templates, flash templates and flash intros with web site builder


  • Great interface
  • Lots of template
  • Simplified process


  • Limited flexibility


WebSmartz is a superb program for making impressive flash intros and web sites without any knowledge of Flash itself. What makes this program so effective is its ability to give the user control over the content, while it takes care of the entire animation element of any project.

While other programs may try to provide tools for customization or drawing, this focuses entirely on using templates and text fields that you fill in accordingly. In doing so, the process is simplified and leaves a lot less room for error on the user’s part. This is only effective if there is a good selection of templates to choose from and WebSmartz’s library has good depth in a variety of categories.

The program is designed for novices and clearly sticks to that target audience in the clearly laid-out interface and simple process involved in creating flash animations. While this may obstruct flexibility, it remains an excellent option for those who would like to spice up their site with a flash intro, or those who want to impress with an entire flash site but don’t want to get intimate with the ins and outs of Macromedia Flash, the more professional animation tool.

What you have here is a great ‘quick-fix’ program. It has a straight forward creation process that will result in professional looking, quality flash animations.

Now you don't need to pay an expensive designer to create great looking intros and websites. WebSmartz Professional is the latest flash designer software that lets you easily create your own megawatt customized Flash intros and HTML websites. It's an effortless way not only to create your customized flash intros, but also build your very own website- all in a matter of minutes. Full of stunning graphics, animated effects and color, these intros and templates are not the mass produced variety you normally find on the Web.

The unique power packed features of WebSmartz Professional allow you to customize intros and websites to a very high degree. FLA files are also available with the professional edition of WebSmartz.



WebSmartz Professional 2.1

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